Hi, I am Bolatito !

It’s good to have you here 😀

I tell stories in text, audio and visual forms. This is what this space is about. I share my thoughts, knowledge, wisdom and experience in creatively crafted content.

Each blog post is a personal letter bearing heartfelt words, and each handicraft is a story being told.

This is how happy I am to welcome you here

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Tito Says is here to share my view of life’s concepts and insights gleaned from my experiences.

Each blog post is a personal letter bearing heartfelt words.

My Dog


I think my dog just died. It feels scary I still want him to stay. Jack is the longest dog I've had. I could call it an old friend. We've been ten ye...

21-11-2016 : Phases


Held in traffic, hungry, a bit tired and very uncomfortable, I looked through the window of the interstate “danfo” bus in which I sat, san...



  Time moves, Never on  a pause, Never looking back, Not a second’s turn Time moves. Slipping by gently In sheer seconds And trivial minut...

(Not) Alone


The lie that is isolation, Disguised as regeneration, The acclaimed need for seclusion......

Game of Cards


It all starts recreational; Entertaining and edifying, Like a game of cards. The only kind acceptable is hearts....

My Craft.

If you are a lover of art, you’d like it at Tito’s Craft. It is the place that showcases uniquely told stories about everyday people. 

The stories there are told in colours, shapes, and form accented in meticulously crafted design with select fabric.



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