• November 11, 2016


It’s thrilling to have you here!

Life is a journey and this ride will blow your mind.

Okay, you clicked on the About tab to meet the blogger — and the blog.

I’m Bolatito Laniyan, a growing woman living life as an adventure. An Economics graduate of Covenant University —yeah, I’m good at managing resources, I am a communicator; I love to interact with living beings: animals fascinate me. I have a passion for culture and the people it represents: I love language, custom and yes! FOOD.

I am a creative person with zeal for art, it’s been my love all my life.

My artistic captivating life shouldn’t be enjoyed alone, “Tito Says” is here to share and infect many with the euphoria that’s welled within me.

I’m excited to say:

Explore my world.