I was on my way home today and was in traffic slow enough for me to study the movement of cars on the road below the bridge. Far from my expectation at that moment, I learned cues from the scene. The striking one is a key life hack, a simple 4-word statement: STAY ON YOUR LANE.

I noticed the vehicles each had a lane that was maintained. Like an ant army, they moved steadily in the traffic with distinct orderliness, there was no collusion because there was enough space for each vehicle on its lane.

Let’s liken this to our lives. Each vehicle symbolizes a life: each life has a lane, a unique specialization teach is adapted to function in. If we all remain on our lanes, our world will be characterized by comprehensive orderliness. We’d have just the right persons filling job roles and be consequently blessed with genius level ingenuity, innovations will be a daily affair. There’s enough space for each person to shine on his/ her individual lane.

As the vehicles moved on their different lanes, their pace varied, I watched and saw that no two vehicles stayed on the same pace for an extended time period. This is how it is with individuals. We move at varying pace, some speed by, others move cautiously: each vehicle (individual) moving in relation to the ability of the vehicle (person). Sometimes, it’s not just about the potentials of individuals, but the phase each person is in. Some cars on the road have been subjected to wear and tear, others are new with parts smooth and swift. This difference in phase doesn’t mean

So these vehicles at that moment were on the same road but I knew soon they’d get to the separation point where each vehicle turns off independently to the road that leads to its own destination. This is where focus comes in. The lane maintained on the common road is the route that leads to the next road phase, failure to stay on the lane towards your destination may get you on the wrong route at the independent turn.

Now to compare this with us: our lane would get us to our destination, being on another’s lane would land us in the wrong destination. And if we’re blessed to notice before it’s too late, there’d be wastage of time and resources in retracing our route.

Furthermore, the choice to stay on your lane requires consistency and perseverance. Sometimes your lane may be on a slow motion track and it’s tempting to switch to the faster and easier one just beside you. Don’t, it’s not worth it. We’ve mentioned the cost of going off lane. Be aware that the situation of the vehicle lanes changes; the fast one gets slow and the slow one gets fast: your flourish season will come.

At this point, I’d say I’m done with my road and vehicles analogy, I hope you could relate.

Now go on to identify your lane and stay on it, no one else can function in it as you.

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