Tell It


People have been dead for thousands of years now. People come and people go, but the One who remains forever is Jesus. – Kehinde Davies Bamigboye

That the gospel has been preached over the years is no reason for us to stop preaching. Every person in each generation dies so there is need to proclaim the message to the existing generation as the ears and souls that heard it and were changed by it are now off the earth and the ones currently on the earth need to hear, to know and to be saved from the message.

That Christ has not come though proclaimed over the years is also not a reason to not proclaim the second coming of Christ. Everyone needs to know, so it has to be proclaimed continually; generation after generation. The message of second coming of Jesus and the truth about life after earth has to be known, for whenever a man dies off earth, this two are next for him. So Jesus coming now, tomorrow or in a far future is not a justification to not tell people of His second coming. More, no one knows when that will happen, it is only wise to live alert and for this to happen, men have to know the truth.

In emphasis, the message of the gospel and the news of the second coming should be told despite how old it is or how widespread it seems.


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