The Power of Zero


I find it amazing how the number zero is the least, yet the most powerful number. In one of my mind-wandering moments, I got this idea of zero relating to human interaction. It’s just striking how true it is’; that the effect of zero in an association with any number is similar with the effect humans have in association with each other.

It’s quite simple: zero multiplied with any number is zero, no matter how great the number is.

That is how it is with association. A mixture with an empty vessel would tell on the associate. Such tie is capable of bringing the filled vessel to emptiness.

Watch who you mingle with.

As good wine  no longer retains its quality when mingled with low grade wine, so do humans diminish in value when we mingle wrongly.

What testimony or knowledge do you have of the effect of association, kindly share in the comment box below, let’s get enlightened by the experiences of one another.

  • OVB

    Truly, One can’t grow beyond the quality of associations they keep. Whether it’s in character or aspirations.

    Evil communication corrupts good manners.

    There’s a principle I learnt from the Bible..
    “Can two walk together except they agree?” Amos 3:3

    If we’re not in agreement about values, one of us will eventually give up his/her values for the other if we must walk together

    If we’re not in agreement about who we are individually, there is a tendency that a friendship will be funding who we are not or who we don’t want to be… “Multiplying” us in ways that reduce our true essence…

    Jesus needed to be clear as to how his disciples perceived him… It would go on to affect how they related with him
    He asked Peter… Who do men say that I am? Who do YOU say that I am? It was important to Jesus that he and the disciples were on the same page as it concerned His identity.
    When Peter answered, “you are Christ….” Jesus said… Upon this rock(this truth you’ve just spoken), I’ll build my church… Identity is fundamental in relationships, in fact, it should guide our core relationships.

    Sometimes the “zero” in our relationships is in how we’re perceived and how we perceive others. Some relationships undermine and undervalue who we are. Sometimes, we may be the guilty ones… Every time, one needs to be clear…. How am I perceived? How do I perceive the other person? What do we both bring to the table? Is this funding who I am essentially, who I truly am by design? Or is it reducing me into who I’m not?

    Pardon the length…. That’s my “little” contribution.

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