This article was first titled “Dreams and Goals”. Then this monologue followed: Haven written this title, I’m of the orientation that I should write something serious. You know, something insightful, motivational, maybe tense… but I ain’t in the mood for that. 

If tone is mood and mood is how I feel, this essay is definitely on a light tone.  


This  calls for a new title; 


–Hence, the correlation between fashion and goals in this topic.

The previous line doesn’t make much sense to me too. But let’s proceed…

So, I watched the movie version of “Cinderella” for the nth time and was struck by the scene of the search for Cinderella using the glass shoe. Different women each forced their foot in even when it was obviously not going to fit. It was a fight for a clear attempt at failure.

The reason for the hope was to be identified as the lady who danced with the prince and was going to be his bride.  Yeah, it was a struggle for a more congenial living and prestige, but that was a wrong fight; a waste of time. There’s no point of venturing into a struggle if the shoes aren’t yours. If it’s not in the mould of your feet, it’s not going to fit.

Find your own shoes, if the world doesn’t have your fit, make them; your feet is all you need for the mould.

I’m hoping my words do not appear gibberish, you’re not reading the tale of a shoemaker or cobbler -though I anticipate learning to make footwear. My point isn’t to confuse you with shoemaking jargons.

It’s quite simple; If you’re not Cinderella, don’t fight for the glass shoe, aim at the shoe that looks more like you.

Don’t struggle to fit into the calling, dream or vision of another, give yours a chance to shine.

You will remain oblivious to the material composition of your shoe if you refuse to find it, it may be a diamond shoe buried and abandoned while you devote your resources to forcing your foot into the glass shoe.

I agree the glass shoe is glistening and adorable. It’s that dream job, the perfect spouse, the glamorous career, such desirable achievements worthy of a chase.  But you should know this: it’s only a struggle putting on the shoe when it’s not a perfect fit. Please take a break and try on another.

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