I’m tired, this body hurts, I have a time schedule to leave this house before 6am tomorrow morning. It’s not for an early meeting, it’s to get into traffic in early transit to work  about 34.81 miles away: a two hours journey on a working day.  I’d be meeting my  fellow travellers on the 3rd mainland bridge road convention as we commute under dark sky, cars lined bumper-to-bumper producing unpleasant sounds of honks and lungs sickening fume.

That doesn’t sound positive.  Let’s give the intro another try.

Hello, I’m Tito, a jovial and artistic person. I work somewhere in Lekki on Mondays to Wednesdays and Fridays: My Thursdays are when I graciously bus around Lagos and enjoy being an On-Air-Personality for 30 minutes: on Sundays, I’m a church worker; a naughty one, and I work as a Christian On-Air-Personality for two hours. At night I write, during the daytime I’m a blogger —more like blog owner and content poster.


Story of my amazing life. How did I get here? I was trying to  prepare for purpose: train as much as  I can to press forward on the path of purpose fulfilment. I knew the schedule I gradually fixed my time into was a tight one —is  a tight one, but that wasn’t my problem: I had more things to fill in if I could. Living productive isn’t cheap.

My schedule has become my routine but not a dull one. It’s like a roller coaster; a span of circles filled with intrigue, suspense, energy pumps, and sometimes, dizziness. I’m at it, having a lot going on but I wonder if I’m really productive. I hope I’m not going through the series of activities that wouldn’t count when the ride comes to an end. I’m not on this roller coaster just for the now, I’m on it so my succeeding rides in life’s fun fair will be more steady and restful. I’m paying the price ahead and it would be terrible if I later realise I paid for the wrong ride, this price is too dear for a double payment.

This is not a narrative of lamentation, it’s my expression of hope against doubt.  I’m convinced that I’m not the only one who’s thinking this way, a number of young persons are climbing life ladders hoping they’re not on the wrong one. I don’t think anyone has it all figured out, we’re all proceeding one step after the other. It’s okay to question our resolutions now and then, we’re growing and getting better than we were yesterday.  If you’re like me, don’t get overwhelmed, you got a partner in this phase, and it only lasts for a while. It’s in fact, an important phase.

Whatever turn your growth takes, hold onto this: Don’t give up.

Fly, run, walk, crawl: just keep moving. We all experience each of these movements in different phases of our lives. Stay on your lane and soon enough you’d be soaring.

Keep going, I promise I will too.



  • Daniel Adeyemi

    Your body always hurts. Lol, Pele!

    “Keep going, I promise I will too.”

  • Adeola Badmus (@Adeola)

    Great message of hope against doubt.

    Lots of us are in this phase, as you rightly stated, and we don’t have it all figured out, but this is the confidence that feeds my hope:

    “…that He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ”

    Thanks for sharing. We’ll keep taking steps too.

    • Bolatito

      I sincerely appreciate your comment and look forward to the years when we shall look back and see this phase was part of the plan.

  • OVB

    Just so you know that a few of us stalk this place every once in a while to see if you’re still posting… This is about the tenth time I’m checking after the last post? I don’t even remember… Waiting to read something new from you.
    Go girl!

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