Dear Adeola,

What have you been up to? What have you been going through? What new experiences have you had lately? How’s your mind? How’s your spirit? How does your body feel? And your soul?
I am well, I’d like to think. I’m not sure, but it’s what I’d like to believe. My body is well-fed and my spirit is happy; as always.
You’ve turned a year older. What’s going on through your mind as you begin this new year?
It is important that I ask this question as it has been a ponder hovering on my mind. I wonder: are there hopes and goals the younger you dreamt for this current phase yet to be reached? Is your entirety satisfied with the state of your life in all ramifications of it?
Maybe these are questions that often fill my mind on birthdays…
Okay. No, I only ask them on my birthdays –every one of them for some years now. But for an unknown reason, I pondered on these on your birthday. Surprised? I am too. I’d be satisfied if I hear from you that you’re fulfilled with your life now.
You’re a man. Yes, you were since 21, this is on a higher level. You’re in a critical phase of life, the time to make decisions and take actions that will pivot your life. You’re in the age to make decisions that will determine the life quality and experiences the old and gray you will have as memories to reflect on. I trust you bear this in mind, you’re quite sensible, maybe I shouldn’t go “mummy” on you.
I know your mother –and grandmother–are proud. Yet, I think they take more pride in the man their son is growing to be than I have grasped –than we have grasped. Your friends are proud of you, your brother-friend can’t even hide it; he beams with pride every time you visit. I’d love to catch him blush on this account someday. #BroLove
Laugh, even if you don’t want to, I was a bit funny.
So you just smiled, thanks for that smile.  It’s pleasing when you give your smile, it’s a kind one. You have a good heart and a sincere spirit, how are you so generous? Would you teach me your life principles? What did grandma teach you? The old have a lot of wisdom. Can I learn some from you? You know so many proverbs, it’s admirable.
Last year, two weeks after I met you, I wrote a little essay on your birthday. I read it few days ago and it reflected a good report. One year later, I have something to write and it’s got more goodness to testify to. Next year, my essay will have more juice in its testimony, you keep getting better. I’m honoured to be counted as your friend.
Meanwhile, behave! I wouldn’t praise you if it isn’t warranted. Keep  your focus and don’t let your vision blur. Keep priority on the subjects that matter. Never compromise the phenomenon that matters the most, Jesus is the center of all that you are. Continue in the lessons that grandma has taught you and in the principles that guide your interpersonal relations, they must be the reason you’re endearing. Shine as bright as your Source empowers you to. This time, its 2_ down, 96 to go.


Your Friend,

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