Like sunlight to a flower,

They awaken the bloom,

The attractive glow,

Spark of life to the beloved.


It’s easy to slip into hibernation,

Loneliness disguised as needful isolation.

There, your only companion is your imagination,

And just your soul hears your communication.


But you don’t have to,

Reach out to the love before you.

The words you hear are untrue,

Love is an ocean all around you.


Give us a chance,

To see you beyond a glance,

Give me a chance,

All I ask is this one dance.


  • OVB

    Hmmm…. This resonates with my mind…
    The last verse particularly articulates some of my thoughts…
    You know your art is good, right? Well, I attest… #WehdoneMa

  • Bolatito

    I’m glad you enjoyed your read.
    I agree, vulnerability can be tough but is vital.
    Hahaha. Okay, a step at a time.

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