Jesus loves me.

This is one statement I’ve heard frequently over the years. It’s a simple statement with three words; nothing complex to understand. I grasp the English interpretation of this statement; it is the depth that baffles me.  The basic question for this statement is “who is Jesus?”. I learnt and believe He is the son of God the creator who came to earth in the form of man to die as atonement so mankind will be free of debt and have free access to God.

That understood: Why did He do that?  Love.

Errr….some love though. So why does He love me? Really, I just heard of Him, never knew or met Him, why the one-sided love?

Well, I haven’t fully comprehended this part, it still baffles me. I know He’s long loved me: waiting for me to realize, accept His love and love Him back.  I can give a wild guess that He loves me cause  I was created through Him, my bewilderment remains: I do not grasp why He loves me, what I know is that He does.

Next question, this is one has puzzled me over the years: the better I understand, the more there is to grasp, it’s not a situation I am able to explain logically.  I frequently ask to understand the depth of His love, and I do; more and more that satisfies each longing and seeking. I’ve experienced His love again and again, yet it baffles me.  I seek to understand how deep, how wide, how far, how much, but this ocean seems to be bottomless; the deeper I get, the deeper there is to go.

He awes me. The moment I think I understand Him, shortly there’s a longing and it’s like I know nothing. The more I know  Him, the littler my comprehension of Him becomes: He’s a mystery. The more you discover, the clearer you see there’s so much more.

My mystery lover. I have come to accept that my mind is unable to capture all that You are and knowledge of the borders of Your love is out of my reach. While I grow, seeking to comprehend Your love and continually longing for You, cradled in Your arms of love is where I’d rather be.

I love you back.



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