Tales by moonlight,

Picnic under sunlight,

Celebrity in limelight,

Cars under traffic light.


They all get a light,

Each, its chance to shine bright.

Unique stages for every spotlight,

So they shine: day or night.


Each has its time,

Each has its floor,

None disturbs the other,

The littl’est need not bother.


Picnic’s best with sunlight,

Tales are soothing by moonlight,

The match couldn’t be better,

How clever, earth’s order.


So is it with man,

Each one has a spotlight,

One’s own place in life’s play,

In a role that’s all yours to play.



  • OVB

    This is beautifully inspirational!
    Depth crafted in art.

    Thank you Bolatito! Keep shining in your light… The role is all yours to play!!!

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