Many words but none to speak,

Many thoughts but none to leak,

Many feelings but none to chase,

Deep desires but no courage to embrace.


An open heart yet enclosed

A loving heart  indisposed,

A free spirit with a burdening goal,

A light heart with a heavy soul.


A content heart in daily quest

A peaceful one in want of rest.

A heart of gold in search for treasure,

A gaily spirit in want of pleasure.


A suppressed volcano of stories untold,

A burning flame with fire on hold,

A filled spirit with a thirsty soul,

A sufficient existence with a self not whole.


A soul with stories untold,

A heart with emotion on hold,

A being in hunger for life,

A Saint in struggle with strife.


Giver of hope with no hope for self,

Encourager lacking courage for self,

A lover in fear of love itself

Adorable to many, but you know thyself.


Your imperfections glare at you,

Little faults here and there hold on to you,

Your weaknesses stick close to you,

And those mistakes are ever singing to you.


Today you live and hold onto hope,

Today you hide but refuse to mope.

Today you cope.

Today you begin your lope.


So, healing, joy and satisfaction

I hope would replace your situation,

Rest, gladness and fulfillment

I hope, for the end of your predicament.


Till then I’d await the eruption,

Your magnificent explosion,

The final release

From your self-formed CHRYSALIS.

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