Life has a lot of faces. I appreciate the face that’s shinning upon me and choose to be kind and good to those viewing the less favourable faces of life.  

I look at my environment and what I get to enjoy. Years ago this life was far from me, though I was confident a great future lies ahead of me I was very content and accepting of the position I found myself and my family in. I considered myself to not be among the “omo olowo”s but I was very happy with who I was and the family I had.  I loved my life!  

Today I see persons less privileged and I acknowledge God’s favour shinning upon me. Really, I’m as human as they and was born no more innocent than they were. They didn’t get to choose their families and neither did I. They didn’t get to choose their growth  environment and the persons they meet in life neither did I. We all just found ourselves in life backgrounds we grew in.  Really I did nothing to earn the background I got.  

I didn’t choose to be born to a mother who goes to lengths -amazing lengths I tell you- to imbibe morals and principled living into her children. She’d not hide the truth when she sees wrong and is indeed  a kind-hearted woman.  

I didn’t choose to be born to a father bestowed with intellect and remarkable financial mastery, my Mr. future-oriented (lowkey this can annoying, very annoying). He taught me the importance of financial intelligence and exemplary brought up a girl with a mind to be her own boss.  

I didn’t choose to be born into the same family with my dear sister (I used to be so glad God didn’t drop her somewhere else).  She brought me up in the way of the Lord and I have not departed from it. she taught me right and principled living. By living as a great example she became my role model. I grew up wondering how she could be all she was (really, how???). Her love for God is unmoving. She unconsciously taught me to dream and look forward to the future I want for myself. She’s taught me to have faith too.  

And there’s my “okanlawon” brother.  This person… he showed me! Yet I love him somehow, blood is really strong. I didn’t get him while growing up, don’t think he got me either. But I appreciate him now.  
I also didn’t choose to have this human being in my family. He’s my life vision coach. He’s Mr. future-oriented  master planner (I really don’t know what goes on in his head, just know you can watch him sell you with his well thought out schemes). I take him as shoulders to stand on to view life. He’s gone through the phases, he’s experienced. I’d rather take his words than explore the paths youths tend to. He’s my “get-your-act-together and pursue greatness” reminder. I appreciate every futuristic probing/talk we have (they can be dreadful though).  

These persons together have made me who I am today. They are one of the reasons I live thinking “I had better produce great returns on all of these investments God had put in me”. I am daily puzzled by the blessings of God upon my life. I’ve seen and continuously see persons in heart breaking circumstances and  wonder why God has made me who I am today.  

I refuse to inhabit pride from any material item or position associated with me. Somewhere within I believe that girl living in a crowded dilapidated wooden house built over the water that extends from the Lagos Island ocean while struggling to survive with her premarital child might have been me. 

  • Daniel

    Awwwwwm! I sure would do some gratitude based soul searching too

  • OVB

    Hmm, such a Humble perspective on gratitude. God chose our families intentionally. We should all be grateful for our privileges and opportunities. They’re not all the same for everyone but I think we can all have a fair share of gratitude even the seemingly less favoured…
    Thank you ‘Tito, your perspectives are enlightening..

    • Bolatito

      Yup! Everyone is experiencing goodness. There’s sweetness threaded into each life, we just need to give attention to the right taste buds per time.

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