Aenean imperdiet. Etiam ultricies.

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My Dog

I think my dog just died. It feels scary I still want him to stay. Jack is the longest dog I've had. I could call it an old friend. We've been ten ye...

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21-11-2016 : Phases

Held in traffic, hungry, a bit tired and very uncomfortable, I looked through the window of the interstate “danfo” bus in which I sat, san...

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  Time moves, Never on  a pause, Never looking back, Not a second’s turn Time moves. Slipping by gently In sheer seconds And trivial minut...

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(Not) Alone

The lie that is isolation, Disguised as regeneration, The acclaimed need for seclusion......

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A Haiku: Rest

I've found rest in trust... ...

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Game of Cards

It all starts recreational; Entertaining and edifying, Like a game of cards. The only kind acceptable is hearts....

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