Aenean imperdiet. Etiam ultricies.

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Day After Day

Day after day,  My heart longs to know Your say.  Day after day,  My soul pants to go Your way......

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Rain Romanced

Molecular air   Caressing with care  As room temperature  Merges with nature ...

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May We Not Zone Our Husbands!

You know this common Yoruba prayer that goes:  "Oo ni foko se boyfriend.  Oko loma fe, oo ni fe boyfriend", meaning: May you not leave your husband ...

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The Power of Zero

As good wine  no longer retains its quality when mingled with low grade wine, so do humans diminish in value when we mingle wrongly....

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Following God’s Will

Sometimes we just need to go in prayer, not asking for what we want but seeking God and receiving direction to His way for us....

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Invisible Friend

The voice in our heads is with us wherever we go. The favourite companion, each man's invisible friend....

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