Invisible Friend

The voice in our heads;

Expression of our souls:

Our actual responses and opinions,

The truth we share only bits of.

The voice in our heads

Says its words with lines on our faces;

Contours and relaxes

Sometimes understood by others. Sometimes not.

The voice in our heads,

Each man’s closest friend.

The mind as an ordained priest

Continuously hears its confessions.

The truest confessions;

Sweet, bitter and ugly.

Our zealously guarded treasures,

Tagged abominations to external ears.

The voice in our heads,

Knows our deepest emotions.

Sometimes we lie,

Yet it always finds the truth.

The voice in our heads,

Tells our uncensored opinions.

And it’s always talking,

Whether our lips move or not.

The voice in our heads

With us wherever we go.

The favourite companion,

Each man’s invisible friend.

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